EPOS Official Analysis/Combination Centres


Name Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium
Abbreviation ROB-EUREF
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Background: The primary purpose of the EUREF Permanent Network is to provide access to the European Terrestrial Reference System 89 (ETRS89) which is the standard precise GNSS coordinate system throughout Europe.

To maintain the ETRS89, ROB computes the EUREF Reference Frame product which is one of the core products of EUREF, the IAG (International Association of Geodesy) Reference Frame sub-commission for Europe. It consists of the precise multi-year positions and velocities of the EPN stations expressed in the latest ITRS/ETRS89 realization.

Input: EPN daily combined SINEX files provided by WUT-EUREF

Updated: each 15 weeks

Methodology: Computed with the CATREF software (Altamimi et al., 2007) and expressed in the IGS 14 frame using minimal constraints. Outliers have been eliminated and jumps in the position time series have been accounted for.

More details: from EPN Central Bureau at epncb.oma.be and in the following report

Products Provided
  • Time Series - Cleaned daily position time series of the EPN stations
  • Velocities - Multi-year positions/velocities of the EPN reference stations expressed in the IGS14 frame and updated each 15 weeks

Analysis Centres providing solutions

  • WUT-EUREF - Department of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland